Learning Reiki

The ability to channel this energy comes by receiving special initiations in the presence of a Reiki Master/ Teacher. These “Initiations” are sacred ceremonies that connect and tune your mind, body and spirit with Reiki and connect you forever with the source of this divine energy. Once you are initiated, you will have this energy for the rest of your life. It does not wear-off with time. The master is just a channel between you and God for the initiation to occur. Master/ Teachers are those Reiki practitioners who have been allowed to carry out the initiations. These initiations can be called as ceremonies for connecting you with the God within. Initiations remind us of the oneness of God and Man. They connect us with the everlasting source of God’s energy.

Initiations must be received in-person so that good quality of the overall training can be insured.


Characteristics of Reiki

  • The Reiki System can be learnt by anyone, regardless of age, gender, religion and educational qualification.
  • Reiki is used for healing self and others.
  • Reiki is spiritual in nature and is therefore harmless. It cannot be misused.
  • The Reiki System is easy to learn as the student is able to channel Reiki soon after the initiation process. The student only needs to place hands on self or on the body of the recipient and request Reiki to flow for the treatment to begin.
  • Reiki is directed by God Consciousness. It automatically flows to the place where it is required to bring in balance. Systematic hand positions are an additional help.
  • The practitioner’s life energy is not used in the “Reiki” healing process; hence no depletion of energy takes place.
  • Reiki can assist to achieve good health, solve problems through divine guidance and manifest goals.
  • It is a complementary therapy; it can be used along with continued use of medicines, Bach Flower remedies, acupressure, etc.
  • The negativity and disease of the client do not cling to the practitioner and those of the practitioner do not cling to the client. Reiki protects both of them.


What Reiki is not ?

  • It is not a cult
  • It has no connection with black magic
  • It is not a replacement for medical treatment
  • It is not a mind directed healing method
  • It is not related with hypnosis
  • It is not a religion
  • It is not faith healing, it works well for those also who do not believe in it



Scientific evidence of Reiki energy

The etheric energy patterns around living things can be photographed using the Kirlian technique, pioneered by Russian researcher, Semyon Kirlian in the1940’s. The Kirlian photographs of Reiki channels reveal the presence of Reiki in the form of beams of light and colored bubbles emerging from the palms.


People have conducted experiments like charging a particular set of seeds with Reiki and not charging the other set with it. These two sets of seeds were sown separately and results indicated that the seedlings of Reiki charged seeds had better growth rate. Similar experiments have been conducted on rats and other species for different reasons and the results indicate that Reiki has a positive effect.


Specialists dealing with the “Human Energy Field” have also provided evidences in favor of the healing capabilities of Reiki. Reiki has been recognized as a useful complimentary medicine in several countries. Many hospitals have a separate wing where doctors and nurses facilitate Reiki treatments. This is an additional help given to the patients so as to increase the pace of their overall healing.


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