I was literally not on Earth during the initiation. I felt relaxed and peaceful.


It is indeed a life changing experience.


The colors and vibrations I experienced were wonderful.


I explored my inner self during the class.


It was a wonderful class. All the stress and negativity vanished. Thank You Sameer

-Mrs. A. Agrawal

I am grateful to God for such a Divine experience. I am falling short of words to write what I exactly felt. Thanks

-Dr. Jayshri

I felt close to Almighty during the initiations.

-Hemant M

Thank you for a Divine Experience.


I could feel the Divine Energy pouring from above. Thank you


Thank you for the class. I do not have adequate words to express myself.

-Dr. Vandana

Thanks for the class. I had deep spiritual experiences.

-Dr Rajat S

Thanks a lot for such a wonderful class.


I felt relaxed and calm. Very good experience of Divine Energy

-Namrata (United Kingdom)

Excellent work and wonderful class

-Jayshri and Parvin Kutumbale

A surreal feeling indeed

-Dr. Shweta

Thanks for the 3 days master class filled with Divine Energy.


Thanks for giving us a Divine Connection.

-Sandeep Negi

I really enjoyed the Usui Holy Fire II Master Class. Thank You Sam

-S. Prashant

I am grateful to Almighty for Usui Holy Fire II Master Class. Thanks Sameer.

-P. Nirmala

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